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So I finally got to the point that some of the game files were just too huge to work with. Necessity dicated that I spend some time figuring out how to work with my circular dependency issue - and it turned out to be really simple. Standard node.js requires outside of a module's own exports. Go figure🙂


## [0.1.2] - 2020-05-19

### Added
- Mini Drones now drop batteries
- CNS Stimulant can now be made from Kick Beans in the Food Replicator.
- Heat effect sprite
- Object types (including bodies) can now be weak to electric attacks. The machine body is weak to electric attacks.

### Fixed
- Thiol Extractors can now be assembled.
- Some object spawners were bugged.
- Stairs can now be placed at level 0 and above again.

### Changed

- Ore mined in a ship now defaults to dropping somewhere on the ship floor. Players can build storage containers to
auto stack ore.
- Wow I'm stupid. This whole time I've been adding in game files, and then passing them as parameters to subsequent
game files. This has meant that if a function needed to talk to many part of the game, that function would have to be
in one of the last files loaded. Turns out.... I could have just done things a more normal way from the start, and
just require the other files outside of the module exports. More server files will be created as I decouple the massive game.js. This
ended up being a MASSIVE refactoring of code - but I can split up the codebase so much better now.
- Tons of other game code refactoring.
- Re-did effect sprites. Effect sprites now have a specific image, and a more generic type associated with them. Instead of laser sprites, melee sprites,
it's all now effect sprites using the different textures.

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It looks like you have a submission that is waiting for moderator approval. Looks like you've done everything correct so far! Moderation usually takes less than 24 hours. Let me know if you have more questions.

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Sorry for the confusion. We have added this🙂

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This was an interesting one to work on. A lot of different sytems that I've built or modified. I've long wanted the surface of planets to be larger, and coded in a way to support that, with the surface and underground level sizes of planets being specified separately.

I messed around with just having NO planet coords where there are underground walls; but that ended up being such a big buggy rabitt hole, that I tabled that for the time being.

## [0.1.1] - 2020-05-08 ### Added - Players now have a skin_object_type_id - which is how we are planning on supporting Space Abyss financially - cosmetic skins. - Added the basics of the skin and promotion system. - Added support for elevators - Support for planet types having an above ground size, and a below ground size. Centered the lower levels so they weren't at the top left corner of the planets, but rather the middle. - Since we currently only support one object/object_type per tile, if a monster drops something and that tile already has something, instead of just not dropping it, the game will check the tiles around the monster to see if it can drop there. If it cannot do that either, it is added to a queue of things waiting to drop (not currently used). ### Fixed - Defense from eating is now applied properly. - Moving through water works better now. ### Changed - A bit of work on areas and market linkers. Still a long ways to go on this front before it works intuitively.

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Update! Added in

For media, no cinematic black borders.

This has long been a rule, but has gotten a bit buried as we've clarified other things.

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Hello everyone!

Recently the moderator team has been working on trying to improve our moderation for video game content. To this end, I'm posting some guidelines for video game content that are meant to make things more clear, both for users, and the moderator team. At the end of this post you will see exactly the criteria that moderators are using when moderating video game content.


Guidelines For Users:

What kind of video game content is allowed on Wallpaper Abyss?

The basic idea is this: Is the image a good or great representation of the game?

We use phrasing like, 'Exemplar in its class' - this basically means - is this piece of content an example of this game at its best?

Example 1: Developer Content Most developer created promotional material is A-OK!
If the developers are using these images to promote their games, they are looking to showcase the game at its best, and most of the time this content is perfectly fine on Wallpaper Abyss.

Example 2: Screenshots or Photo Modes. This tends to be a borderline area.
    Are you playing the game at the highest settings possible? This helps!
    If the game supports photo mode, or other ways of increasing screenshot quality, use them!
    Is there an in-game HUD or menu? This would not be considered good wallpaper material.
    Is the scene noteworthy?
    There can be hundreds of screenshots of a single character. Stuff like this wouldn't meet the 'exemplar' criteria.
    This same principle would apply to things like environments. Try to stick to things that highlight the game.

    Try to use your best discretion, and if a moderator moves something, please ask them, or another member of our team about it.

Example 3: Fan art

Generally OK as long as follows the general showcase quality guidelines.


Guidelines For Moderators:

For moderating video game content, follow these guidelines.
    1. Are there clear examples of better quality screenshots already on Wallpaper Abyss? If not, the user is probably playing the game
    at whatever the max settings curretly are.
    2. Does it look like the scene may be noteworthy?
    3. Are there are a large number of similar screenshots on Wallpaper Abyss. If so, the scene probably isn't noteworthy.
    4. Is the content in the screenshot something that someone that plays the game would probably be interested in?
    5. Is the composition good?

    If a screenshot matches the positive side of most of these questions, allow it on WA.


Please let me know if this kind of post helps, and if you have questions about it!

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The caption count is based on the number of captions that remain on the sites - deleted captions do not count.

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I've completely re-done quite a few systems - the biggest of which is the monster spawning system. The old system was very static. The new system is dynamic, and should be able to be changed without even a server restart, while the old system would have required a planet to be regenerated.

## [0.1.0] - 2020-04-21 ### Added - Monsters can now spawn in space. - Comets spawn in the galaxy. They can be mined for ice blocks - A new property to object types - spawns_in_galaxy. Boolean. This lets the asteroid system turn into more of a system for anything that spawns directly in the galaxy - Objects like asteroids and comets can now move around the galaxy - Monster types can now be weak or strong to all damage types - Object types can now be weak or strong against heat/freezing damage types - Message text whenever something levels up. There was previously intermittent support for this, but it wasn't obvious enough. - The server is now sending conversion linkers to the client. The result parts of the conversion linkers aren't sent. This still removes a bit of mystery, but being a farmer in Space Abyss basically sucked when you had to scroll through your entire inventory every time. - Admins can reload an event and all it's linkers and planet linkers from the database while the server is running ### Fixed - Some spawners that don't spawn with HP and can't be attacked were failing to spawn things since their hp_percent was NaN. - Picking up Life Water - Equipping wasn't working for some of the Exodium and Quick Matter set - Lots of skills weren't updating properly. Lots of little broken bits around that system. Fixed them. - Various bugs with switching views - Display issue with the Primordial Ooze Pool - Asteroids would show up on any view when they moved - made the shouldDraw checks more consistent on all views, and fixed quite a few bugs that showed up from that. - Spawned events were being deleted from memory, but not the database. This caused a bunch of old spawned events to always appear after a server startup, delaying events. ### Changed - COMPLETELY changed how monsters and objects spawn on planets. - OLD WAY: Previously, there were set objects and monsters during planet creation. A big downside of this is that I needed to regenerate a planet everytime I added in a new object or monster that I wanted to spawn on the planet. If the number that spawned felt wrong, I had to re-generate the entire planet. If there was a bug and players destroyed something they shouldn't - I could either manually add it back in or... regenerate the planet. - NEW WAY: Monsters and objects spawn via the event system. So I can change a monster or objects spawn behavior without regenerating the entire planet. - Changed the frame count and attackability of various spawners to work with the new system. - Most edible things have had their duration doubled. I've found that only 10 ticks as a minimum goes by really fast. So the new general minimum is 20 ticks.

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Posted In: Tag Rules

Hello everyone!

We have added another rule/principle to tagging!
"Please do not use multiple tags that are synonyms of each other. An example of this would be tagging something cute,adorable,lovable,etc."

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0.0.13 is NOT 0.1!!!

I really thought the next release would be 0.1. However... I decided that I wanted an event to spawn a small ice block on a Frozen planet. I then wanted that small ice block to slowly turn into a large ice block.

So I re-did the spawning system. Which led me to some major bugs in the event system. So I've done and fixed all that. Unless I find something else crazy broken, 0.1 is next with the ability for monsters to show up in space.


## [0.0.13] - 2020-04-02 ### Added - A bit of work on Frozen Planets. They can now generate successfully - and added an ice block event. ### Changed - COMPLETELY reworked the spawning system to incorporate the growing system, and turned it into a linker - so monsters and objects can spawn/turn into different things with different % chances, rarities, requirements, etc. The system is vastly more flexible, and the code that runs it is better. ### Fixed - I didn't realize how broken the event system was. Even just spawning a basic small block of ice as an event wasn't working properly. Spent a lot of time improving and fixing bugs with the event system.

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Back To Captions!!

Our last caption contest was in February, and I feel like our community really got the hang of creating really awesome captions!

I don't want to lose any momentum - so the special raffle for April is.... ANOTHER CAPTION CONTEST!!

What are captions? Captions can be a description of an image. Either going to accuracy, or even being funny (but relevant).

Caption rules:

Over $60 in raffles!!

Scoring page:

If you aren't sure about what decent captions look like, always feel free to visit the recent captions on Wallpaper Abyss ( ), or ask one of the mod team.

I wish everyone the best!

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Kids being off of school has mesed up my schedule. So I'm still slowboating things 😀 Next update should be Space Abyss 0.1, which will be a nice milestone. My big goal for that one is baddies in space.

Space Abyss!!! :



## [0.0.12] - 2020-03-29 ### Fixed - Bug with deleting spawned events. A bit of bad copy/pasta. - Rock wall was still using the old image location. It has been updated. - Multi tile ships can successfully launch from planets if they are designed to do so. - Bug that caused a clean clearing of a previous level/display to fail when multiple players were nearby - Damage occurring on a different level than the client won't show up anymore - Bug that made a different player switching to their ship view cause your client to think you needed to generate an airlock display as well, which made your 'View Ship' option disappear. - Bug with new object info not being sent to the room if it was also being sent to the socket - The admin function to set a planet type wasn't working - it is now. ### Added - Visual response to the client when converting things into energy - Crystal Bee, Crystal Golem, AI Forge, and Corrupted Scientist - @UnfuneralOD - Failure message when there is a failed mining complexity check - Allow admin users to bypass the ticking of assemblies. Things still have to tick once, but for testing purposes it was a pain to reduce the tick amount, test, and then increase the tick amount again. I can always test the feel with actual tick amounts on a non-admin character. - Players can now attack planets.

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since the last Space Abyss update. One week of that was a vacation. Another couple weeks of that was just a ton of time spent messing with advertisements on Alpha Coders. Annoying stuff😃 Space Abyss!!! :



## [0.0.11] - 2020-03-05 ### Added - Re-vamped the object and monster spawning system. Monsters can now spawn harvestable items. A current example of this in game right now is Milk Slerms spawning Slerm Milk, which you can harvest from them. - Monsters have a new attribute, attack_chance_on_harvest . Now we can have stronger monsters with harvestable things, and some risk involved. Higher farming level decreases the risk of the monster attacking. - OUR FIRST LOGO! Courtesy of @UnfuneralOD - New movement style - static. Now sprites can be set to either a simple flip, having up/down/left/right, or just move along with their single animation. This is for large things like Space Stations that look odd if they flip around really fast. - Failure messages and an immediate bounce back if a large, dockable ship is trying to land on a planet, or dock with another large ship, (they can't do either) ### Fixed - Movement speed for MLM body - I believe I have fixed an issue with new players switching back out of their ship ### Changed - New ship interior sprites from @UnfuneralOD ( ). Floor, wall, airlock, ion engines - Complexity for Defense Drones (they were the default of 1) - The assembly requirements and complexity for Corrupted Battery Packs - Hull welder uses heat skill - Previously events could only spawn one object type when they de-spawned or were otherwise deleted/killed. I've moved that to the drop linker table, and its associated with the individual event linkers. This way, the drops of an event are basically the same as a drop from a monster. This will let me have random and rare drops when something like a dust storm ends (it's 'uncovering' treasure or something) - Removed the option to assemble 'all' and '10' when assembling from a shipyard, since the shipyard gets used up at the end of the assembly.


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Hey everyone!

The special raffle for the month of March is an Author Contest!

To enter, all you need to do is add author information to the content you submit, or to content already on the sites!

Responsible discovery and sharing is an important goal of Alpha Coders. We like to reward user activities that make both our site and the rest of the internet a better place - and we greatly appreciate everyone who joins in!

The scoring url:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Posted In: Caption Rules

Hey everyone!

I have updated the caption rules. Non English is ok ONLY if you are the author naming your own creation.

By DavidWest 3 months ago ago