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I haven't played the first Destiny a ton, but I'm pretty excited about how Destiny 2 is going to turn out

By DavidWest 3 months ago ago

I haven't played the latest set yet, but wanted to see if anyone had thoughts about them

By DavidWest 4 months ago ago

I was so sad when Onix was so weak in Pokemon GO. 

Another one of my favorites: Torkoal. I love anything resembling a turtle

By DavidWest 6 months ago ago

November 15th Eve Online is going to have a free play verison. Basically free accounts will get a limited skill pool, but be able to play the game. 

It appears that the mmo world is changing, and the typical monthly subscription model is less sustainable that it used to be. I hope this isn't signaling the end of Eve... it's a great game.

By DavidWest 8 months ago ago

I can't wait for FFXV to be released. I'm very hopeful final fantasy regains it's throne with this release

By DavidWest 8 months ago ago


I think I've watched this video 10+ times by now

By DavidWest 8 months ago ago

wow that is huge, and really pretty. Great find!

By DavidWest 9 months ago ago

Posted In: Ramen in your area

I was wondering if anyone had any great sources of Ramen in their area? I've been to a place in Sacramento, but up where I live there isn't anything yet. I'm a big fan of ramen in general, so I'm hoping it's spreading faster than I think it is :p

By DavidWest 9 months ago ago

Posted In: Whoah

After playing The Witcher 3, I'm even more excited for Cyberpunk 2077

By DavidWest 9 months ago ago

I love the Simon's cat videos

By DavidWest 9 months ago ago

Come the beginning of October I am going to find out if the hype is true. Platformers haven't been great lately. The Donkey Kong Country game on the Wii was good - so if this is in fact better than that - it's going to be great

By DavidWest 10 months ago ago

Super Mario 3D World is a great mario game. I wouldn't quite put it in the same leage as Galaxy or Super Mario 64 - but it's definitely a proper Mario game. It's bridging the 2D classics and more modern 3D. 

Honestly the worst thing about this game is the name. It's such generic fodder that there's no easy way to tell if this is one of the solid B quality mario games, or one of their best.

By DavidWest 10 months ago ago

It's crazy how big some recalls can be; and I can't imagine being part of the team that has to deal with something like this. The same goes for car recalls. The scale is just massive.

By DavidWest 10 months ago ago

I'm decent at games - not great. I don't have time to be great at games. I'm starting to get tired of neat games coming out that are rogue-like. It creates these amazing experiences that I can't pierce through and see. 

Risk of Rain, Gungeon, and now Everspace. I wish these things had other options that would let the less advanced players enjoy them.

By DavidWest 10 months ago ago

Name a great sci fi movie and why it's great. I'll start with one: 

Interstellar. Space Opera on the big screen!

By DavidWest 10 months ago ago