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A big thanks to everyone that participated! 

This month we had 2 users in the $5 threshold:
Pablo Rayo RealPitchers 


RealPitchers (winner!)

This month we had 3 users in the $10 threshold:
Kenjiw TheBookDragon bytecodeminer


TheBookDragon (winner!)

This month we had 3 users in the $20 threshold:
Ghostly YukariMeiji NYLTT


YukariMeiji (winner!)

This month we had 4 users in the $30 threshold:
Oreskis Omelette ElnazTajaddod C46

C46 (winner!)




1 month ago

It would make sense to have a search on the home page🙂I'll look into added it🙂

3 months ago

Updated 6/21/2022

More and more I've been using a term 'not from an adult source', and added some of that terminology into the main post.

3 months ago

Best wishes everyone! Choose from any of the designs we have live on Amazon!

4 months ago

Posted In: April Raffle Winner

Congrats to PastelStrz on winning the April raffle for the $20 Amazon Gift Card! 

4 months ago

Posted In: Tag Rules

Another change! 5 tag limit!

Update on 4/11/2022:

We are now implementing a 5 tag maximum per piece of content. It's quite rare for an image to have more than 5 main elements. Changing the character collage exception has improved the quality (specificity) of a lot of our tag pages - this change should also help!

5 months ago

Congratulations to the following people:

$3: Juggermautsave

$5: SppokyEE

$10: Ghostly

$20: TheBookDragon

$30: KEJI

Congrats everyone!

5 months ago

Congratulations to RealPitchers on winning our March raffle - the $20 Amazon Gift Card!

5 months ago

Posted In: Author Rules

GeoGamer2000, in cases like the one you've mentioned, marking yourself as the author is fine. Stick to things more than just a crop.

6 months ago

Posted In: Duplicate Rules

An update!

We're moving the rest of the sites (except Image Abyss) to duplicate rules that more closely match Wallpaper Abyss.

At the end of the day, users don't want to see duplicates of the same image when they're searching for something specific. Whether thats desktop wallpapers, phone wallpapers, avatars, art, or gifs. 

6 months ago

Posted In: Tag Rules

Hi everyone!

Another tag rule change. We're going to continue focusing on ONLY the main points of an image. 

Main change is a removal of the character collage exception.

As a general rule, we aren't looking for more than ~5 tags per image. Combined with category and sub category, this offers quite a few places your image will show up, and will focus on it's strengths!

Tagging all of the fictional characters in a collage is not OK. Keep it to a main featured character, or leave blank.

6 months ago

Hey everyone!

We have a special raffle for the month of March - it's an Author Contest!

To enter, all you need to do is add author information to the content you submit, or to content already on the sites!

Responsible discovery and sharing is an important goal of Alpha Coders. We like to reward user activities that make both our site and the rest of the internet a better place - and we greatly appreciate everyone who joins in!

The scoring URL: Contest Scoring Page (

Let me know if you have any questions!

6 months ago

Deja Vu boyos!!!!

The raffle for March is for a:

$20 Amazon gift card!

Hoping for the best for everyone🙂

6 months ago

Congratulations to NYLTT on winning our January raffle - the $20 Amazon Gift Card!

6 months ago

Keeping it simple and open this month😃The raffle for February is for a:

$20 Amazon gift card!

Hoping for the best for everyone🙂

7 months ago