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I wish everyone the best!

By DavidWest 2 days ago ago

I'm pretty excited about the new Pokemon Snap announced for the Nintendo Switch. I hope it's decent😃

By DavidWest 4 days ago ago

Posted In: I am in love

I've heard nothing but good things about this game. It seems to really know what is trying to be, and delivers on it. Things like a kurosawa mode to give a feel of an old samurai movie are just too cool.

By DavidWest 2 weeks ago ago

Hey everyone!

Below are the most recent updates to Space Abyss. I had a bit of a slower pace over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes life gets busy🙂


## [0.1.22] - 2020-07-16

### Added
- Wrecks and other salvagable material can spawn in the galaxy.
- Augmentation Station
- Stabbing Gloves, Urchins, Urchin Spines, Bionic Crabs
- Manufacturing Body sprite - ability to manufacture - and benefits
- Reinforced Human Body sprite - ability to manufacture - and benefits

### Fixed
- Various bugs with monsters on ships
- Octopus body sprite
- Asteroid ships weren't spawning in the galaxy

### Changed
- Most monsters had HP that was 10x Exp. I've decreased the base monster HP to 5x Exp. This means existing monsters will have LONG HP bars.
- Changed part of Reinforced Human Body assembly requirements from 5 AI Fragments to 1 AI Fragment
- The various cores associated with augmentation are now built in an Augmentation Station instead of the Forge
- Augments are built in the Augmentation Station
- Machine planet has been regenerated

## [0.1.21] - 2020-06-29

### Added
- Ability to update ship types when there are changes. This is currently mostly focused on adding ship coords, and changing the object/floor/monster spawn on a coord.
Would need added funtionality to remove previous coords, or remove an object type without changing it. Test before doing more than adding ship coords.

### Fixed
- Being brought back to a planet if you previously logged out or were disconnected on a planet, and then logged out/disconnected on a ship

## [0.1.20] - 2020-06-26

### Added
- Manufacturing Core, Laser Core, Hacking Core
- Decay rate to AI Space Constructs
- Floor types have an additional property - movement type. This can be land,fluid, or air. Different player bodies will get different movement
bonuses/penalties based on the type of floor tile they are walking on. This lets the Octopus body be fast in the water, and slow on land.
- Exodium Asteroid

### Fixed
- A bug with repairing damaged tiles on ships
- Connecting levels on planet genaration (was using the old single underground offset instead of the new separate x,y underground offset)

### Changed
- Removed the Advanced Forge while I continue to get closer to working on the type of functionality it's supposed to provide
- Increased AI complexity from 20 to 22
- Increased complexity of Power Cell from 1 to 10
- Increased Defense Drone complexity from 5 to 10
- Manufacturing Bodies, Manufacturing Augments now require Manufacturing Cores instead of AI Fragments
- Removed energy storage from AI batteries, and increased their complexity from 1 to 10
- Increased complexity of AI core from 1 to 20
- Increased decay rate of AI Edifice and AI Daemon
- Now show the energy of an AI directly on it
- Once the update is pushed, I'll be re-generating the Water planet type. Still no monsters on it, but they are coming!

## [0.1.19] - 2020-06-23

### Added
- While complexity is a mechanic I'm super fond of, I think adding some clarity for players on what to expect when manufacturing things will prevent some
needless wasting of resources and frustration. I've added a tag next to the name of things you can assemble to show how difficult it is for the player.
- A function to try and help fix when ships aren't removed properly from their coords
- AIs can now spawn monsters in the Galaxy to protect the planet and ships they are protecting.

### Fixed
- Error killing players that are attacked by objects
- Image for Microcontroller, Crystal, Blockade Runner, Lancer, Thiol Extractor

### Changed
- Instead of a single per attack bonus, attack bonuses are applied for each piece of equipment
- Ion drive now takes 10 ticks instead of 20 ( In general, building ship engines should take a long time, but this is the intro one )
- When switching bodies, the player is set to the current HP of the new body.
- Pod HP changed from 100 to 10 so abandoned pods decay faster and are quicker to kill.

## [0.1.18] - 2020-06-21

### Fixed
- Hopefully I finally squashed the bug that was causing the 'Back To Galaxy' button to disappear
- Potentially fixed an issue that sometimes put players on ship 2 (yes, a ship with ID 2)
- Bug with inventory items not always updating to the database

### Changed
- Algae Vats produce 6 Algae instead of 2 Algae


By DavidWest 2 weeks ago ago

The monthly raffle for July is for Azul - a very popular and fun board game!



To enter into this contest, you can buy raffle tickets with the Alpha Coder Points you earn from using the site. Best wishes to all!


By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Winning the $3 Prize: walldude45! Winning the $5 Prize: RosafTheGamer01!

(original winner of $5 prize was changed after looking up potential system abuse)

Winning the $10 Prize: NYLTT! Winning the $20 Prize: gpan171a! Winning the $30 Prize: lonewolf6738! Congratulations to all!

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Posted In: June Raffle Winner

Congratulations to KEJI for winning the June Raffle for a Programmable Gaming Mouse!


By DavidWest 1 month ago ago


The closest equivilent to that is just seeing the stats of your entire account on your profile page.

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Hey everyone!

I've been hard at work fixing bugs. So many bugs! You'd think I was stranded on a hostile alien planet.

I've decided that, depending on the scope and timing of updates, I might not make a Community Abyss thread for every update. Now that more people are playing the game, I am currently preferring to try and push fixes for individual bugs if at all possible, which means some of these updates are tiny. Below is a list of the updates since my last post. I will post every update on Discord.


## [0.1.17] - 2020-06-20

### Added
- Ships more advanced than a pod now need engines to move. The first set of ships will be created with engines, a ship shield, and energy storage.
More advaned ships do not come with any of this. Players will need to add engines to the ship. It's effectively a way of transitioning players into the sandbox of ships.
If a ship has no engines, it will not move.
- Admin ability to move any object to any place (Currently there are disappeared Space Stations on the galaxy - now it's easy to bring them back in game)
- A 'Claim Ship' button

### Fixed
- Airlock display now shows up when you move onto an airlock
- Many bugs relating to docking on larger ships/stations, and controlling dockable ships/stations.
- Bug that wasn't writing new player data until the server shutdown

### Changes
- Voon Steaks can now be picked up
- Updated ship types to the new engine/weapon system
- When determining whether a player can be placed on a ship, use the canPlacePlayer function over the previous custom IF statement.


## [0.1.16] - 2020-06-16

### Fixed
- Old manufacturers, research stations, forges, and food replicators have been set to 10 HP to match the new ones.
- Hopefully another fix or two so the 'Back To Galaxy' button doesn't disapper
- Fix for effect sprites when mining is stopped

### Changed
- The color of an HP bar with HP > 100%

## [0.1.15] - 2020-06-16

### Fixed
- A bug with showing effects that would cause some buttons to not show up

## [0.1.14] - 2020-06-16

### Added
- Helpful messages about the results when a player is healing something like an Algae Vat

### Fixed
- Bodies and other waiting drops that are objects will no longer spawn on wall tiles in -1 and below, removing a wall that was supposed to be unremovable😃

### Changed
- Simplified the function. I had begun moving about 1/2 of it to game.convert, and finished this.
- New manufacturers, forges, research stations, and food replicators spawn with 10 HP to work with the recently updated salvaging system
- Algae vats can no longer be salvaged
- Trae will no longer drop Trae Seedlings. This didn't work in the server anyways. If I wanted to re-ad this in the future, I should have it drop an object type
that grows into a monster.
- More monsters on the machine planet are weak to hacking damage.

## [0.1.13] - 2020-06-14

### Fixed
- Invalid waiting drops will now be deleted. Investigating where they are coming from (I believe it's monsters)

### Changed
- Reduced the frequency at which the server will try and place waiting drops (10 seconds -> 60 seconds)

## [0.1.12] - 2020-06-13

### Added
- The server will continue to try and place monster drops, and player drops (deaths) that are unable to initially place

### Fixed
- The bodies of players should drop in more cases now. Previously if the body couldn't drop on the coord it wanted, it wouldn't be created, and all the inventory
would be lost. It's now created regardless. See Added for how we then process it.

### Changed
- The failure message you receive when you try and land on a forming planet has been changed from 'Spaceport is full' to 'Planet Is Forming'

## [0.1.11] - 2020-06-12

### Added
- A couple of territe deposits will spawn on the top level of desert and slaver planets

### Fixed
- Objects attacking players would set their HP to NaN - which isn't a great HP to have as a player. Added in a return false and some tracing to see if this is happening anywhere else.
- Beam type effects will be removed when something is out of range of an object.
- Objects can't attack players on Spaceport tiles

### Changed
- Increased the amount of asteroids and comets that can spawn in the galaxy from 12 and 6 to 50 and 50, respectively.
- Removed the Nano Bonder requirement for assembling a Forge
- Assembly Requirements for Thiol Extractor from 10 Territe to 5 Refined Territe.
- Complexity of Thiol Extractor reduced from 20 to 12
- Updated Algae Power Cell. Lots of changes. Required Algae research. Increased complexity. Eatable by machine bodies. Added in images.
- Reduced the number of times algae has to be researched from 20 to 10
- Territe deposits spawn 10 Territe instead of 8 Territe
- The right side of the game will now only scroll the right side instead of the entire page.

## [0.1.10] - 2020-06-11

### Fixed
- You can now switch bodies - and other things that look for interactions will now work better

## [0.1.9] - 2020-06-11

### Fixed
- You can now register again! Registration was a bit broken after the server move. EEEk!
- The last coord of planets will now be sent. Off by one errors are rough.
- An error with getting inventory items would cause the 'Back To Galaxy' button to disappear

## [0.1.8] - 2020-06-10

### Fixed
- Some of the changes made to make players show up better made movement worse when the server was moderately laggy. I've improved this.

## [0.1.7] - 2020-06-10

### Added

### Fixed
- Previously, if you logged in the galaxy and another player was around you, you would not see the player until they moved. Fixed this in the galaxy.
- The ships of other players now disappear when they land on a planet and you are still in the galaxy.
- A few other delays with showing other players.
- If you buy a pod, it will now re-generate the spaceport display immediately.
- Local message sending should now work in the galaxy
- Chat should scroll to the bottom properly now

### Changed
- Planets in the galaxy will now show up sooner. Less pop in.

## [0.1.6] - 2020-06-10

### Added

### Fixed
- Player sprites now disappear when players logout
- Basic manufacturing without being assembled in an object works again
- Previously, if you logged in the galaxy and another player was around you, you would not see the player until they moved. Fixed this in the galaxy.
- The ships of other players now disappear when they land on a planet and you are still in the galaxy.
- A few other delays with showing other players.
- If you buy a pod, it will now re-generate the spaceport display immediately.
- Local message sending should now work in the galaxy
- Chat should scroll to the bottom properly now

### Changed
- Planets in the galaxy will now show up sooner. Less pop in.

## [0.1.5] - 2020-06-09

### Added

### Fixed
- Various bugs with the server switch
- Bug with converting things (using water to heal an algae vat)
- Repair effect
- Shuttles can't be walked on anymore (this makes them disappear)
- The process that runs Space Abyss works a little differently on the new server. A couple of instances of the game were running simultaneously O_o Fixed this.
- Fixed some residual issues from multiple instances of the game trying to run at the same time.

### Changed
- Planet types and planets now have 4 attributes for size, x and y for both above and under ground. This gives a little more flexability to planet shapes.
- Worked on some efficiency improvements for moving monsters.
- Server!!! Space Abyss now has its own server.
- Updated the Azure planet to the new generation system

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago


I'm glad you're getting into the game - researching and all😃It's really exciting for me to see players playing.

You are correct - it looks like I haven't added any discoveries for that yet. I've added one to the top of my to-do list. I'll try to remember to post on this thread once it's added; but if I forget, it will be mentioned in a changelog when it gets added.

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Hello again RosafTheGamer01!

It looks like there was a larger issue: Not listening to moderator decisions, and your account being locked out of submitting for a while because of it. Re-submitting content that a moderator moved or denied will eventually result in an account ban - quite the opposite of being trusted.

Please listen to, and work with moderator decision! Again, let me know if you have more questions.

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Hello RosafTheGamer01!

It looks like there are still just some issues with accuracy regarding placing images, and tagging. If you look at: you can see what changes moderators recently made. If you have specific questions about any of those moves, please feel free to reach out to the moderator, or myself.

It's all about submission accuracy🙂

I will reach out to the team and see if they have any more specific input

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

It helps a TON to know that the additional stack came from salvaging. I am now investigating this🙂

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

Posted In: Started a new game

With an initial investigation, it looks like the player associated with your user does have inventory. It's possible you have the inventory display set to not show (click the backback) or that one inventory item has an issue and is preventing the display.

I mentioned it in the other reply, but screenshots on Discord are super helpful. Are you familiar with the dev tools of browsers at all? If you open them, you will see any client errors in the console. If all that sounds like gibberish to you, don't worry😃

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago

All my testing is showing that assembling Forges is working.

After you click to assemble the forge, does the manufacturer start animating?

It should start animating, and then the forge will be done after a little bit, the manufacturer will stop, and you'll be able to right click on the manufacturer and take the forge out. Feel more than free to reach out on Discord too - screenshots can help a ton!

By DavidWest 1 month ago ago