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Thought I would share some of the repairs that I deal with.

By TorinoGT 5 years ago

Crushed bearings on an AutoCrane.


Hydraulic winch motor had to be removed.


Cable and spool also had to be removed.


Bearings located behind locking collars on both sides.


Project completed

By TorinoGT 5 years ago

 I've always wanted a nice tool box and after many years I finally made the investment.


By TorinoGT 5 years ago

Totally broken !!!


By TorinoGT 5 years ago

Forklift with no output voltage from alternator.


There's a control circuit behind the instrument panel that activates the alternator when ignition is on. Super simple fix, wish they were all this easy.

By TorinoGT 5 years ago

So your a mechanic, cool. Thanks for sharing that with us Torino, it's nice to know a bit about people here. Awesome tool box mine one is only small since we moved I don't have room or need for many tools. Every day would have different jobs to do I guess. Bet your happy now you have a new tool box, you will be able to fit a lot of tools in that baby. laugh Thanks for the photo's to Torinoyes

By lonewolf6738 5 years ago

By the way love the detail on the tool box, Puniser and zombies cool !!cool

By lonewolf6738 5 years ago

That crack on the forklift. EEEEEK.

Your tool box is amazing. Those things get really, really expensive. I've just now begun my tool collection. I have a couple of power drills. Having a kid, I'm putting together more and more things, and I needed to borrow power drills more and more. It's nice to finally have a few tools of my own.

I'll have to upload a pic of my work - though it's a little less fun to look at than yours


By DavidWest 5 years ago

Yeah, the crack is massive. It's actually on a skid loader which makes it worse because that is the location which all weight lifted would be transferred to. It's un-repairable, that is un-repairable and still be a safe machine. This one will be replaced.

You're right about tool boxes getting really expensive, that's why it took me more than 20 years to finally invest in this one. I actually bought the box a little over a year ago but just recently added the cart. There's about $8000 wrapped up in the two. I've enough free space to last maybe a year or so and then the box will get a middle section added making it about 2ft. taller.

Make sure to put up your pics, I like seeing what people do with their hands.

By TorinoGT 5 years ago

Today was pretty easy.


New hydraulic hose a cooler.

Took off some tires.


Put on new ones.


Rebuilt a hydraulic cylinder.

By TorinoGT 5 years ago

Did you go to school to work on large machinery? Or did you fall into the job, or maybe just self taught?

I've known a few really mechnically minded people. Quite a few just work on their own things, and eventually spread out to working on friends/family.

Heavy machinery and hydraulics is another league of it's own though I worked for a tree service for a bit, and whenever something went wrong with the hydraulics it was a massive pain.

By DavidWest 5 years ago

When I was 18 years old my Mom opened her own restaurant and I worked there to help her out and one day a customer asked if she knew anyone who would like to get into Diesel repair work. So I fell into that job and I've been doing it since then. I learned a bit at that job but for the most part I am self taught. After about 16 or so years of diesel work I moved into forklifts and skid steers and other heavy equipment (primarily forklifts and skid steers). I had to teach myself the workings of propane fuel systems on forklifts but that ended up being pretty easy. Hydraulics are another story. Rebuilding cylinders and making new hoses are pretty simple, the complications come when you get into the tech such as electronically controlled hydraulics. All of this just comes naturally to me, After finding the problem I see almost like a video in my mind the steps required to tear down and repair, it's kind of hard to explain. When reassembling the video just plays in reverse. We have a 70' JLG boom lift, which I would image would be similar to the bucket trucks you would have had at the tree service. When something goes wrong with the hydraulics on that it can be a total nightmare. The mechanical part isn't bad it's the electronics. Many years ago I took 4 years of classes in electricity and electronics and I still sometimes have problems tracking and tracing to locate problems, the tech has changed so much since then.

By TorinoGT 5 years ago

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