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Unique Breeds of House Cats

Breeds are most associated with dogs; but house cats have them too. Does anyone have a breed of house cat they like? I'll start: Our next breed of cat is probably going to be a Savannah. Probably an SBT type - four or so generations off of the wild Serval/Housecat first mix. Large cats, very wild looking.
By Phaethon 6 years ago

I prefer mixed breeds, same like dogs, the cats seem to be healthier and not as prone to genetic diseases. All my cats are a variation of the tiger striped. One with short hair, and the other two with long full hair. All three of them are easy going and loving.

By durkeema 6 years ago

I agree durkeema, cats are the same as dogs and the mixed breeds do tend to be healthier. I like the tiger striped cats as well as mixed breeds but I do prefer dogs. The Savannah cat looks awesome and yes it looks so wild DW but I would wonder if they would be a little to wild like and aloof and would it get on with the other cats, hmmmm🙂

By lonewolf6738 6 years ago

evil kitties are my thingwink


By belle-deesse 6 years ago

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