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Favorite Side Characters?

One of my favorite side charcters so far is Thirteen. I've really enjoyed how much personality is in the entire My Hero Academia universe. There's so much variety in the characters.

By Phaethon 5 years ago

Okay, by side characters I assume you mean occasionally recurring ones, and not the main supporting characters. Let's see... off the top of my head...


Tetsutetsu - I like his friendhsip with Kirishima and straightforward sense of honor. 


Hawks - I think the character is cool enough, but the voice acting in the Eng Dub for this character is brilliant, I think. It really gives of that cocky charm and dry sense of humor well.


Twice- Pretty dark backstory, but the whole split identity thing makes him a perfect vehicle for comedy.


Gentle Criminal/La Brava - I mean, these two are just such "characters". Brilliantly theatrical and whimsical.


Rappa - The guy may be a villain, but he is an honest one. Loved his fight with Fat Gum and Kirishima. The poor dude just wants a simple, traditional "fight to the death".


Miss Joke - More of her annoying the hell out of Aizawa, please.



By bloorush 2 years ago

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