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Caption Rules

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Captions are one of the ways you can interact and have fun with content at Alpha Coders!

  1. Captions should describe the image.
  2. Most captions should be in English. Exceptions are made if you are the author captioning your own image. In that case, any language is acceptable.
  3. Captions should generally be more than one word, and add more value than a single tag could
  4. Captions should not be identical to the subcategory of the content, this adds no value.
  5. Captions can be voted as either accurate or funny. You can vote for one or the other on each caption.
  6. Captions with fewer words that do a good job of describing an image are better than long winded generic descriptions
  7. The most accurate voted caption will be used as the name of the content.
  8. Funny captions are great, but won't be used as the final name.
  9. If you submitted author or creator content, you have 100% control over the name - none of the captions submitted will overwrite your given name for your work.


If your caption gets deleted for 'Adding No Value' This generally means that the caption you submitted was really more like a tag.

Lets take the following wallpaper as an example. . We have an orange Lamborghini Huracan, rocket engines - it's a really cool scene. A caption like 'Lamborghini Huracan' really doesn't describe the image very well - and it's really just a tag.

By Phaethon 4 years ago

what matters is how we write

By animesh 4 years ago

Hey everyone!

I have updated the caption rules. Non English is ok ONLY if you are the author naming your own creation.

By Phaethon 3 years ago

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