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Duplicate Rules

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This thread should provide some clarity on duplicate rules at Alpha Coders. Duplicate rules vary.

So, lets start with the easy one:

Duplicates on Image Abyss:

  • Please do not submit exact copies of the same image multiple times


Easy enough! Now, with the rest of Alpha Coders, it's a bit more complicated. Why? So much of the value of Alpha Coders is the curation that comes along with all of our community's effort. When someone wants a desktop background on their computer - it's really important that they get an image that looks good at the image's full size. When someone wants art, or an avatar, they don't want to see the same option multiple times.


Duplicates on Alpha Coders:

  • We want to always present the user with the best version of an image available. Other versions are moved or removed.
  • A blurrier, or lower quality image will always be considered an inferior version, even if it is larger.
  • If two images are of the same, or a very similar image quality and size, the image that has been on Alpha Coders longer will be kept.
  • In most cases, if your image is chosen as the inferior version, it will be moved to Image Abyss. In the case that you submitted BOTH of the images being compared, the inferior version will be deleted.
  • We try to be lenient when it comes to multiple versions of an image. However, excessive versions that are merely color shifts or hue shifts will mean that some get moved as duplicates. We are more lenient if it is author content.
  • Mirrored images are considered duplicates.
  • Website watermarks, and other marks that detract from the original image can make an image the inferior version
    • Please note that this is only for watermarks not associated with the author. If the original author put their own watermark on the piece, that is considered the original and best version.
    • Additionally, if the watermark is from another wallpaper/image hosting type of site, this version of an image could never be considered the best version of the image, and is not allowed on Wallpaper Abyss.

David West
Alpha Coders


By Phaethon 5 years ago

An update!

We're moving the rest of the sites (except Image Abyss) to duplicate rules that more closely match Wallpaper Abyss.

At the end of the day, users don't want to see duplicates of the same image when they're searching for something specific. Whether thats desktop wallpapers, phone wallpapers, avatars, art, or gifs. 

By Phaethon 2 years ago

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