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Working With Moderators - Rules and Guidelines

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Our moderator team works hard to keep Alpha Coders running. Eventually, you might disagree with a moderator decision. Below are some rules and guidelines to keep in mind. Please also read the FAQ at the end.

  1. Moderators are vetted for their knowledge of categorization, tagging, and other rules. They are good at what they do.
  2. One of the primary goals of Alpha Coders is to be a well organized and curated collection of content. Moderators are working with that in mind.
  3. If a moderator moves your content, or changes something about it, it is always for the purpose of improving the organization and curation at Alpha Coders. It's not personal - we are all working together!
  4. You can always ask for clarification about why something was changed or moved! You can ask the moderator, ask our community manager, or email us at
  5. Please do not subvert moderator decisions. Doing this will get your account banned, since it wastes moderator time, and is an indication that you may not care about the organization and curation of Alpha Coders. An example of this is deleting content when it is moved or changed, and then uploading it again.
  6. Please do not waste moderator time. We consider deleting all moved content to be wasting moderator time. We know it sounds a bit harsh, but it does end up being a problem where some users will delete all things that are moved by the moderator team. This ends up being discouraging for the moderator team as well - knowing their effort won't even end up in a live piece of content on the site.




Q: My content was moved from Wallpaper Abyss to Image Abyss. I think it should have remained at Wallpaper Abyss.

A: You can ask the moderator why. If you want to escalate the issue, you can contact our community manager (linked above) or even email Please do not delete the content, and upload it to where it was moved from, as that is a violation of rule 5 above.


Q: I just don't get how Alpha Coders categorizes and tags. Do I have any options?

A: You can submit content to Image Abyss with no categorization! As you learn how we organize content, you can add categorization to content on Image Abyss, and request a review to see if the content can be moved to another site.


Q: Moderators will fix any mistakes I make anyways - what's the point of trying to categorize well, or place things at the correct site?

A: We don't have an infinite amount of moderator time. In a perfect world, we would be able to sort through any number of submissions. But we just don't have that amount of manpower. Users that have trouble grasping our categorization, or what constitues showcase quality for sites like Wallpaper Abyss will usually be instructed to submit to only Image Abyss, locked out, and eventually banned if we can't come to some equilibrium.

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