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Using Content FAQ

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Wondering if you can use a specific piece of content on Alpha Coders for a specific purpose? This post should answer that question!

By default content on Alpha Coders is only usable for your private, personal use. If you want to use a piece of content in any public setting, or commercially, you will need to make sure that it's OK. Some guidelines are below:


Situation 1: The content you want to use has no author.

In order to know if you can use this content, you will need to try and find an author yourself. There is no author specified on Alpha Coders, and Alpha Coders has no copyright claim on the image.The two tools that are useful in this regard are:

If you are unable to find the author, you cannot know whether you can use the image or not, and therefore cannot use the image.


Situation 2: The content you want to use has an author, but that author is not who submitted the content.

This means that the author does not have a profile on Alpha Coders, but content shared by someone was attributed to them. You can click on the author name, and we might have links to other official profiles that artist has that aren't on Alpha Coders.


Situation 3: The content was submitted by its author

You can view their profile on Alpha Coders, and PM them on Alpha Coders with your usage questions


We also have CC0 content at which you can use freely



By Phaethon 5 years ago

I want to ask if there are anime pictures on the site for commercial use?

By Haneen-alshanti 7 months ago

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