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Acp Game Instructions - City

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Summary: Control the tower to be king of the city! Most actions either spend Alpha Coders Points (ACP), your user energy, or energy from your creature.


Please remember that ACP Games are meant to be a fun way to spend ACP and interact with the Alpha Coders community.



Arrow Keys: Move Camera
Left Click: View info about a tile
Right Click: Perform an action on a tile. Buy an empty tile, upgrade a tile, move a creature to a tile, attack a tile



  • Every user has a maximum of 20 energy that slowly regenerates. If you use all of your energy, you are able to spend ACP instead.

Buying Tiles

  • If a tile is unoccupied, you are able to buy it. It will cost either 1 user energy or 10 ACP

Upgrade Tiles

  • Homes provide population. People will slowly move into them over time. You can then use this population for archer towers, or feed the population to your creatures to give them energy.
  • Archer towers will attack enemy tiles around them. You can turn population into archers
  • Healing tiles will heal your creatures
  • Defensive tiles have high HP and high Defense
  • Farms produce food. Population in houses don't require food. Popluation in archer towers require food.
  • Forests produce wood. This is used for building archer towers.

How Moving Your Creature Works

  • Moving your creature costs 1 energy per tile.
  • Placing your creature on the city map will cost 10 energy. Creatures are created with 20 starting energy
  • Note: To get more energy for your creature you will want housing tiles, and once they have people living there, right click on your creature to eat the population, giving it more energy

How attacking /defending works

  • You need a creature next to a tile to attack it
  • Your creature will need more than 1 HP and more than 0 Energy to initiate an attack
  • Initiating an attack costs 1 creature energy, or 10 ACP, and your creature uses one energy for every attack that it does.
  • If your creature runs out of energy before you've taken a tile, the attack will stop and you'll have to spend another 10 ACP to initiate another attack later.
  • If there is a defending creature, they will make the first attack, and attack you back after you hit them
  • If there is no defending creature, you will make every attack
  • You can cancel an attack at any time by moving away from the tile
  • Attackers get no attack or defense bonus from the tile they are on
  • Defenders get the full defense of the tile they are on as a bonus

Feeding Your Creature

  • In order to move and attack, you need to have your creature eat your population. You get population by building houses. A blue bar at the bottom of the house will slowly fill, and when it completes, the house will have a population.
  • You right click on your creature, and select 'Eat Population' to eat the population. The game will show a message at the bottom letting you know how much energy your creature gained.
  • Creatures with higher attacks gain less energy per population eaten.


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