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Do you think titles are important for art?

I've been having a bit of difficulty coming up with new things to call my fractals, and I'm wondering if it's even worth spending time trying to come up with one. 

On the one hand, names give something to refer to an image as. Without names, you are tasked with describing the image or giving a link. Moreso, it makes an image easy to find again.

On the other hand, not giving it a name allows the community to make up their own names, or enjoy the art without any suggestion of what it might be - thus allowing them to think of it in their own way.

What do you think?

By Nuyube 4 years ago

I think names are good for making something a bit more unique. With things like fractals, it's harder by nature because they are abstracted pieces. If naming them is taking up a bit of time, maybe focus on naming the ones that you really find exceptional. Good names might come easier to those.


By Phaethon 4 years ago

I think adding a name can give the artwork more story/background. And/Or allign the readers into your line of thinking. Like for example this artwork was made to show a specific scene, but it only looks like that in your mind because you were the one to draw it, for someone else it might look like something else is happening so to prevent that you'd give the artwork a title, like turning a liquid into a solid.

By Orome 4 years ago

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