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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.6

Another decent sized update has hit. I'm attempting to be pretty thourough with the changelog, so I'm mostly going to just copy/pasta changelog stuff to these forum posts laugh

New Corporation Planet:



## [0.0.6] - 2019-12-28
### Fixed
- Auto doc required message appearing as a success instead of failure.
- Mini drones not moving when attacking
- Game file index for acid floors
- Hull welders can now be picked up, Chitin legs can now be picked up
- Bug when placing an object type on that same object type
- Failed login redirecting to 404 pages on the website

### Changed
- Updated the complexity of Chitin Body ( armor ) to 6 to match the rest of the set
- AI Fragment complexity increased from 14 to 18
- Updated the assembly requirements for laser guns and laser rifles
- Made Monitors weak to hacking attacks
- Re-coded the game.tickObjectSpawners function
- Thiol extractors can only be placed on thiol deposits
- The large 'Play Space Abyss' button on the website now is disabled if the above steps aren't met. You still don't
need to login to the website to play the game, but this should be more clear for new players.
- New sprites for slaver planet, corporation planet, and dirt walls from @UnfuneralOD

### Added
- Exodium armor set. Using placeholder sprites for now
- Thiol Extractors now spawn thiol canisters
- Added a planet_type_impact_linkers table, which we will be able to use to increase or decrease planet HP based 
on object types being produced/generated from the planet ( current goal is Thiol extraction from acid planets 
reducing hp)
- Added a drop_requires_object_type_id property to object types to support needing to drop a Thiol Extractor on 
a Thiol Deposit
- Thiol Deposists now spawn on Acid planets as an event.
- Placeholder images for thiol deposit, thiol extractor, and thiol cannister
- Added a navbar to the Space Abyss website
- A bypass for the new disabled 'Play Space Abyss' button
- Added in game assets psd files. I use Photopea to open/edit these.


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