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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.7

The focus of this update has been adding in Spacelane Beacons - areas of space that are protected and safe to fly around in, as well as adding in solutions for a player if they build a more advanced spaceshp, and happen to run out of fuel.

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## [0.0.7] - 2020-01-04
### Fixed
- Bug setting new coords to belong to planets switching planet types
- Defense drone assembly location
- Critical bug that could switch sockets when logging in
- Damage types being sent when objects attack other objects
- I had broken ship refueling with some typos.
- Animations showing from previous levels after you switch levels

### Changed
- Re-worked how we go through planet coords for the map update. The old way actually didn't scale well at all - 
running getPlanetCoordIndex for each coord. Instead we just iterate through all the planet coords once, 
adding in what we need, and running getPlanetCoordIndex on the not found ones against our index. Old way could 
easily get to 100ms per player (super unsustainable). New way is ~2-5ms per player.
- Did a similar re-coding for a ship coords update. Difference is even more drastic here. 300ms -> .2 to 1ms
- Trying less frequent total map updates for players ( 5 -> 20 seconds ). In theory the goal is to not have this 
on setIncrement at all.
- Airlocks can now have rules 
- Can no longer walk on Ion Drives

### Added
- watched_by_object_id column to the object_types table - setting up for protected Spacelanes
- Spacelane beacon object, and all the logic behind supporting it
- More messages about fuel for non-default ships. The game doesn't communicate that there are fuel 
requirements very well
- Ability to jump out the airlock with an emergency pod if you are truly stuck on your ship

By DavidWest 1 year ago