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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.8

 Main focus here was testing support for multi-tile ships, the basics of a doctor npc job, adding support for augments, and various bug fixes.

Space Abyss!!! :


## [0.0.8] - 2020-01-13
### Fixed
- Assemblies using the old assembly tick count, instead of the new one which is based on the object we're 
using for the assembly.
- Placing multi-tile ships on the galaxy
- When a player's HP changes, we now redraw the hp bar
- A few different bugs when players die that interrupted the dying process
- Player surgery level was not being calculated

### Changed
- When going up stairs, or down a hole, the server will try to place you in tiles surrounding the hole/stairs 
if the main tile is blocked by something.
- Moved and resized the 'Trash' button on inventory items so it's not the first thing you mouseoever
- Optimized when checking to see if an NPC can build a structure. Stops searching subsequent coords if one has 
already failed
- New Robot Janitor and Crystal Spider Baby sprites from @RunninBlood ( )
- Put Crystal Spider Babies on the surface level of Mountain planet types, and made Crystal Spiders stronger, and 
spawning them starting at -1 instead.
- Changed the drops of Crystal Spiders and Crystal Guards to include dropping Crystals

### Added
- Support for augments. Augments are neural enhancements that always require an auto doc to equip. I king of wanted 
them to completely burn a body on failure, but for now I am going to keep it consistent with other equip spots. 
Failure will just burn the spot, and take away some HP. For now I think the consistency, and the game's general 
ability to communicate disaster make burning an entire body too detrimental. It's still possible to fail until you 
have 0 HP and the body dies.
- The basics of a doctor NPC. Once an NPC with the dream of becoming a doctor obtains 100 credits, they are able 
to build a clinic with a pair of auto docs. 
- The ability for a user to use an auto doc from a doctor npc. This uses the NPC's surgery skill, rather than the 
player's surgery skill. This should open up the pathway for players to offer surgery stuff down the road as well. 
- A doctor npc's surgery skill will slowly increase as they tinker with.... bodies.


By DavidWest 2 months ago