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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.9

 AI behavior fixes, salvaging fixes, object placement fixes. Starting to try and balance the ships a little more. Support for ships with multiple levels.

Space Abyss!!! :



## [0.0.9] - 2020-01-22
### Fixed
- When objects are placed on a planet or ship, set a planet_id/ship_id for that object (this is used for AIs associating
 AI Batteries/AI Cores with themselves)
- Remove names and tints of objects when the player changes levels or views
- AIs won't protect players they are attacking
- Spaceport merchant spots are now protected
- Various bugs related to when salvaging finishes
- Bug when a ship or other object with associated things was loaded in from an event. Nothing, like ship coords,
were being grabbed from the database and attached. Should have that all fixed but just calling getObjectIndex 
from the init function
- Dead bodies of players could overwrite the location of static stairs. I've fixed this, and put in an extra 
check in the placeObject function that will throw a warning and prevent it if something like this is happening 
somewhere else.

### Changed
- Made the cargo ship larger
- Decreased the cost of the shuttle significantly, since it's smaller than the cargo ship and the mining ship
- The salvaging opportunities of the forge (added nano bonder)
- Food replicator can now be salvaged for 1/2 resources back.
- Research Station can now be salvaged for 1/2 resources back.
- Sprite changes: Spacelane beacon. Machine walls. Rock Walls. Territe. Syntite. Some floors. 

### Added
- A failure message when trying to replace a floor or 'build' something, but the ruling AI doesn't allow it
- Started more of the structure for factions. Joining, creating, leaving, viewing. Still have a long way to go, but 
will push this and then continue down the path with factions.
- An admin interface to make the designing of ships easier. This isn't directly part of the client/server, but part
of the Space Abyss website. I think I need to eventually include that in this repository too.
- Support for ships with multiple levels (still need to test this a bunch)
- The ability to use batteries to add power to AI Batteries
- An asteroid ship. The first multi level ship. Currently in testing. Uses a new type of ship engine, a Thiol Drive.
- Admins can now spawn events in the galaxy and ship
- Support for events to spawn in a ship or a galaxy. Crazy how big and far this change ended up reaching.
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