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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.12

Kids being off of school has mesed up my schedule. So I'm still slowboating things 😀 Next update should be Space Abyss 0.1, which will be a nice milestone. My big goal for that one is baddies in space.

Space Abyss!!! :



## [0.0.12] - 2020-03-29

### Fixed
- Bug with deleting spawned events. A bit of bad copy/pasta.
- Rock wall was still using the old image location. It has been updated.
- Multi tile ships can successfully launch from planets if they are designed to do so.
- Bug that caused a clean clearing of a previous level/display to fail when multiple players were nearby
- Damage occurring on a different level than the client won't show up anymore
- Bug that made a different player switching to their ship view cause your client to think you needed 
to generate an airlock display as well, which made your 'View Ship' option disappear.
- Bug with new object info not being sent to the room if it was also being sent to the socket
- The admin function to set a planet type wasn't working - it is now.

### Added
- Visual response to the client when converting things into energy
- Crystal Bee, Crystal Golem, AI Forge, and Corrupted Scientist - @UnfuneralOD
- Failure message when there is a failed mining complexity check
- Allow admin users to bypass the ticking of assemblies. Things still have to tick once, but for testing purposes 
it was a pain to reduce the tick amount, test, and then increase the tick amount again. I can always test the feel 
with actual tick amounts on a non-admin character.
- Players can now attack planets.
By Phaethon 2 years ago

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