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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.13

0.0.13 is NOT 0.1!!!

I really thought the next release would be 0.1. However... I decided that I wanted an event to spawn a small ice block on a Frozen planet. I then wanted that small ice block to slowly turn into a large ice block.

So I re-did the spawning system. Which led me to some major bugs in the event system. So I've done and fixed all that. Unless I find something else crazy broken, 0.1 is next with the ability for monsters to show up in space.


## [0.0.13] - 2020-04-02

### Added
- A bit of work on Frozen Planets. They can now generate successfully - and added an ice block event.

### Changed
- COMPLETELY reworked the spawning system to incorporate the growing system, and turned it into a linker - so monsters and 
objects can spawn/turn into different things with different % chances, rarities, requirements, etc. The system is 
vastly more flexible, and the code that runs it is better.

### Fixed
- I didn't realize how broken the event system was. Even just spawning a basic small block of ice as an event wasn't
working properly. Spent a lot of time improving and fixing bugs with the event system.
By Phaethon 3 years ago

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