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Rogue One. It's a well written movie with good action scenes and characters like Krennic and K-2SO.
The Force Awakens is nearly a remake of ANH and I hate lazy writing.

2 years ago

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Fantastic game!

You could say it is an Assassin's Creed in Japan, but it is so much more. Aesthetically pleasing with a good story!

3 years ago

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Don't know which anime you did have watched but here are my suggestions:
Samurai Champloo
Vinland Saga (ongoing)
Parasyte - The Maxim
Hunter X Hunter
FMA: Brotherhood
Ginga Eiyu Densetsu ( I watched the remake;remake is ongoing)

3 years ago

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Thank you ajak and Mr. Wolf!laugh

3 years ago


3 years ago

Hahaha, looks funny!

4 years ago

You can convert my prize into trees -> One Tree Planted
(like last time)!

Thank you for your awesome work, Alphacoders Team!

4 years ago


Tyranitar and Charizard.

4 years ago

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To bring some life back to this thread...wink
Artist: Kath Bloom
Song: Come Here
Youtube Link:
Spotify Link:

4 years ago

Hi David, 

sadly I can't start the game. After clicking "Play Space Abyss!" I just can see the background but not the pod.

Image link:
ID: Giftzwerg

4 years ago

Yes that would be fine, thank you! surprise

4 years ago

Can I be disqualified? Because I don't need the price. Someone else can have it!

4 years ago

The track is very good, DavidWest!yes

Now I'm listening to a few tracks of Ki:Theory! laugh

4 years ago

Posted In: History Podcasts

My favourite history podcasts at the moment are (listing all on the app PodcastAddict):

Our Fake History - Sebastian Major takes on historical myths and mysteries in this well-researched pocast.The podcast combines storytelling, humour, and historical detective work to create a show that is good for both history buffs and anyone who loves a good story. My favourite podcast next to Dan Carlins Hardcore History.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Masterful narration of many topics of history. His arguments und discussions are well thought and sometimes even hilarious. This guy rocks!

History on Fire - Another brilliant history podcast. He narrates with passion about history topics and got an enteraining style. High quality content!

1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories, Mysteries Podcast - An interesting and wide range of subjects that will keep your interest peeked. You will always end up learn something new about topics you thought you knew every important detail. This is a gem of a podcast!

4 years ago

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It will be a great game (because of CD Project Red) but it seems like the game will sadly not be released in 2019. crying

4 years ago