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Who else just LOVED this show?

A discussion about Attack On Titan

I certainly did. Woo. Overall I'd say I'm in a rut when it comes to new animes; but this was definitely a highlight.

Now if only season two would come sooner.

By DavidWest 5 years ago

liked the start of it, but very quickly got bored of it...seems to be the game of thrones of the anime world at the moment popular (for good reason) and everyone dies!

By ajak60 5 years ago

You got bored with it? Crazy. It certainly had its filler episodes, but the action and premise kept me hooked.

By DavidWest 5 years ago

One of my favorite anime of all time The story was very wellwritten and I kept getting shocked every single episode And if youve really liked this theres Owari No Seraph that has very similar characters and story with Attack On Titan! You should really check it out

By Niurem 3 years ago