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Family Friendly Rules

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In this post I want to be more clear about the family friendly rules at Alpha Coders, and what kinds of things make content not family friendly.


Please be aware that in this post there will be NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY examples for the purpose of being instructional


Family friendly content means nothing that could be considered provocative. This includes things like posing, or anything that is suggestive. This also means that an image can not be from, or associated with an adult source. Even if an image itself is not provocative, if it comes from an adult visual novel, or other adult source, it is not allowed.

Image intent matters. If an image presents as trying to be provocative, it's much more likely to violate our family friendly rules than an image that is not intenting to be provocative. 

I want to also explain why our family friendly rules are the way they are. Most people won't agree with our exact definition of family friendly; and that's ok! But it's important that we all understand what 'Alpha Coders family friendly' means.

Alpha Coders can stay alive because we have advertising on most of the content submitted here. People generally don't want to pay to download a wallpaper, so we need ads. However, we want good ads. Ads that don't give users malware. So that means a high quality ad network. That means that we have to be very careful to only show advertising on family friendly content.


Below are some examples:

Things that are never considered family friendly:

  1. Panties
  2. Nudity
  3. Lingerie
  4. Butts
  5. Bras


Examples of things that are not family friendly that may confuse some users:


Any female presenting nipple, exposed or not. Example:


Breasts that are mostly largely exposed. Example:


Upskirt shots, even if the panties aren't visible. Example:




Q: I want to submit content that is not family friendly. What options do I have?

A: We allow artistic non-family friendly content on Image Abyss. We still have rules for this though. The basic idea is that an image still can not be from/associated with an adult source, and the image needs clear artistic merit. Read the full rules here.

Q: I don't agree that my content was marked not family friendly

A: This is pretty common. The moderator that made the decision will be happy to further explain if you PM them. In all likelyhood, the moderator probably shares your opinion, but understands the site rules, and works with them.


Please respond to this thread if you have additional questions.

David West
Alpha Coders


By Phaethon 5 years ago

Updated 6/21/2022

More and more I've been using a term 'not from an adult source', and added some of that terminology into the main post.

By Phaethon 1 year ago

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