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Artistic Nudity Rules

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Alpha Coders wants to keep artistic expression alive and free. To this end, we have a place for content that isn't family friendly, but serves an artistic purpose.

This place is Image Abyss!

If you are submitting content that does not meet the criteria of being family friendly, please submit it to Image Abyss.

The key thing to remember, is that this feature is for artistic expression.

There are still some rules for nudity on Image Abyss:

  • Images cannot be porn
  • Images cannot be based on, or derived from porn
  • For photography: No nude photography, exposed genitalia, completely uncovered breasts/butts, or visible female nipples.
  • Images should have artistic merit, and the artistic merit should outweigh the explicit merit
  • If the image intent is clearly explicit, it may not be OK even if there is no outright nudity
  • Never submit anything that remotely sexualizes underage people/characters/etc.

When considering whether a submission would be OK under our artistic nudity rules, determine if the image has artistic merit, and if that artistic merit is clear and/or exceeds the explicit merit.

  • The more graphic an image is, the more artistic merit it would need. This general stipulation helps us keep away from porn.


Explicitness guidelines:

  • Boobs are moderately explicit. Any genitalia is very explicit
  • We consider actual photographs of real people to be more explicit than equivalent content that is drawn/generated, and at this time aren't allowing nude photography
  • Image intent can make content more explicit


Artistic Merit guidelines

  • Theme adds artistic merit ( fantasy, sci fi, etc )
  • Image intent can add artistic merit
  • Having an author/artist adds artistic merit



What does 'Images cannot be based on, or derived from porn' mean?:

This means that an image cannot be from a porn site, or part of a pornographic photoshoot or video. Even if the image is a headshot, any association with a pornographic site or photo/video set would be considered derived from porn. For Alpha Coders, we consider a site to be in the 'porn site' category if the main focus of the site is nudity or explicit imagery.


What if a butt/breast is covered by a hand or leg?

Generally, this would also not be OK. It would be considered nude photography, since it wasn't clothing covering anything.


Some examples:

A nude photograph:
Not OK.

A photo of a naked woman laying on the ground, with the butt cropped off
Not OK. While with an image like this, there may be no fully exposed breast/butt, it would still be considered nude photography.

A see through shirt on a woman
Not OK. No visible female nipples

Nude statues, artwork with historical value - things like these are always ok.

Nude drawing of a woman/man:
Generally OK as long as the image intent isn't obviously explicit

A bunch of naked anime women/men in a bed together:
Generally, the image intent would be considered explicit in cases like these, and the content would not be OK.


This is a newer feature at Alpha Coders, so please check back once in a while to see if we have added any rules about artistic nudity.


David West
Alpha Coders

By Phaethon 4 years ago

After quite a bit of back and forth, and testing of boundaries, the Artistic Nudity guidelines have been updated quite a bit. If you saw them 4 months ago, now is a good time to look again.

By Phaethon 4 years ago

Well if you ask me I am against this whole concept of porn based art which is sugar coated under the name of ARTISTIC EXPRESSION. This kind of so-called art is always sexually explicit  and it attracts ill-minded lusty peoples. I think Alphacoders is better without it 

Otherwise, This is my view on it. You can disagree

By KEJI 4 years ago

I've made a couple more edits. The biggest addition is:

  • Never submit anything that remotely sexualizes underage people/characters/etc.

No pedo stuff. It almost goes without saying - but now we are saying it smiley

By Phaethon 4 years ago

I have made more edits to make things more clear:

  • For photography: No nude photography, exposed genitalia, completely uncovered breasts/butts, or visible female nipples.

I've also included more examples. I think it could be confusing whether an arm/leg covering things was still considered nude photography - that has been clarified.

By Phaethon 4 years ago

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