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New Update - Emoji Support!

Hello everyone!

We have added emoji support across the sites - comments, captions, names, even account names (more on that below)

Previously, when users tried to add in emojis, which happens more and more frequently as people use their phones, our sites wouldn't show anything.

Which isn't a great result if you really wanted to post 👾

After a lot of back end changes, both for the sites and the database stuff running everything, we now fully support emojis!



More and more people browse from their phones, and we support tons of the emojis that you find when you use that feature on your phone.

We support emojis and other special characters in usernames!

We have always had a pretty restrictive set of characters that you could use for a username. No more!


Question: What is the difference between a smiley and an emoji?

Normally smileys are really just small images. Emojis are, effectively, more like an additional character in the alphabet. Your phone or other device will understand that U+1F47E is 👾, and that little alien dude will have his own look depending on whether you are on an Apple, Microsoft, or Google device. 

Let me know if you have questions!


By DavidWest 9 months ago

Hey DW

I think that's great!  I don't have a cell phone but posting emoji's sometimes.... well I like the idea.enlightened

You and your staff are continually striving and on top of things and work hard in excelling on updates and upgrades, taking the time to listen and always help members (like me) making this site Numero Uno.yes

Thank You and Still Jersey Girl wink

By JerseyGirl 9 months ago