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Yesterday I noticed infinite scroll which I call (continuous viewing) in more categories than Wallpaper Abyss.  I do like i! 👍

Thank You and Kudos for your continued efforts and work to improve this site.

3 months ago

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Way to go Dom 👍

3 months ago

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3 months ago

I'll have to experiement with these 2 new options as well and see what works best for me.  So much to remember LOL

Thanks Everyone😀

The clicking in the middle of the scroll button works for me (when I remember), it's just a matter of getting use too.🤪

4 months ago

Thanks DW, That Worked out Fine🙂

4 months ago

👍 Got it!

4 months ago

Okay hope this doesn't sound dumb but when I go to comment on a wallpaper and then go back to see the rest of the wallpapers it takes me back to the first one instead of leaving going where I left off so I have to space bar down to where I was.  A little annoying but I do do it.

Does that make sense?

4 months ago

😥  I enjoyed it and visited everyday and thank you for that category but it's okay....

4 months ago

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5 months ago

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Glad this was in the discussions with the example (Tree).  Thank You 👍

5 months ago

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Keep Up the Good Work Marco,  I love all those cars and CONGRATULATIONS!!

8 months ago

I noticed this change but I questioned my husband that he did something to our computer🙄

I like the clarity of the individuality of each image.

8 months ago

I'm really trying hard to become a Trusted User, afterall it's been 10 years 😪

Back to the drawing board...


8 months ago

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9 months ago

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1 year ago