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February Special Raffle: Captions!

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Captions are an amazing way of helping people find exactly what they are looking for at Alpha Coders. For the month of February, we are having a community Caption Contest! Caption more things, get in a raffle pool for a larger prize!

What are captions? Captions can be a description of an image. Either going to accuracy, or even being funny (but relevant).

Caption rules:

Over $60 in raffles!!

Scoring page:

If you aren't sure about what decent captions look like, always feel free to visit the recent captions on Wallpaper Abyss ( ), or ask one of the mod team.

I wish everyone the best!

By Phaethon 2 years ago

Good luck everyone 🙂

By lonewolf6738 2 years ago

An update!

I always forget how difficult captions can be 😬

I have significantly lowered the threshold for the tiers in captions. The top tier has been cut by 1/3.

I hope this means that more people will be able to achieve higher tiers!

By Phaethon 2 years ago

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