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Retiring Cover Abyss

Hey everyone!

A bit of sad news - we're going to retire Cover Abyss.

It's always good to experiment with what types of content our community wants to consume; especially if it's images. In the end, Cover Abyss hasn't really been a source of community for the sites, or a great place to first find a new image. It's been great for someone searching specifically for a Facebook Cover/Twitter Header, but really only things like that.

The message of Cover Abyss has also conflicted a bit with the 'Personal private use only' that most of our images have. 

If you're worried about Avatar Abyss - don't be. That's a lot more personal, the community around it is a lot more active, and while the 'private' part of it is a little sus (😅), we think it will pretty much always be a good fit for the community here.

Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have any questions!

By Phaethon 2 years ago

😥  I enjoyed it and visited everyday and thank you for that category but it's okay....

By JerseyGirl 2 years ago

Igl I miss the cover abyss but I understand why it had to go 😔

By Ghostly 2 years ago

Ya I understand, not a lot of us users visit covers anymore I think, I myself stopped favoring covers a while ago.

But I do think it was a good decision David🙂

By lonewolf6738 2 years ago

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