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How do you like your coffee?

I am pretty simple when it comes to coffee. I like it black! But it has to be half way decent coffee. I have a Keurig machine, so the coffee isn't too bad.

One of my favorite flavors is by Green Mountain and is their Wild Mountain Blueberry

By DavidWest 7 years ago

i dont like coffee

By ajak60 7 years ago

I'm just curious - why not?

By DavidWest 7 years ago

I like my coffee with milk and 1 packet of stevia. And hot, never iced.

By Gun665 7 years ago

+1 to Stevia. I normally don't sweeten things, but Stevia is an awesome natural sweetener.

By DavidWest 7 years ago

i like mine striaght black no sugar as i like to full body taste of straight coffee

By AlphaEdifice6083 5 years ago

Quite a few years later - I don't use the Keurig machine nearly as much. I buy coffee beans, grind them right before use, and generally will use an Aeropress

But Keurigs are still amazing for being so fast.

I have started to delve into cold brew a little. I have a cold brew filter that fits in a standard masonry jar, and that's pretty neat for the summer days.

By DavidWest 8 months ago

I always get a latte at half strength and at 65 degrees so I can drink it quicker, what can I say but I'm fussy laugh

By lonewolf6738 5 months ago

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