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Hello everyone,

We have just released our first mobile app for android devices:

The application will let you easily access our mobile wallpapers by automatically selecting the ones that will fit your device.

- All the wallpapers you see fit your device perfectly.
- No upscaling, stretching, or cropping.
- No loss of quality when you set the image as a wallpaper.

What can you do with the app?

- Sift through thousands of wallpapers.
Setting image as Wallpaper:
- You can set wallpaper (on home screen, lock screen, or both) in one click without leaving the app.
- You can easily share beautiful images with all your friends.
- You can save images in the photo folder of your phone.
- You can choose between our light and dark theme.
- Already know what you are looking for? You can search for anything; and hopefully we have it.
- Like on our sites, wallpapers are curated into up to 30 categories to make it easier for you to find specific content.

If you have an android device, give it a try. A review or some feedback is always appreciated 😉

9 months ago

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Hi Catherine,

It is just a mistake from one of our moderator, I have added you back as author of your recent giraffe submission, sorry for the inconvenience.

On another note, why did you create a second account: Ngiri? If you couldn't get access to your old account and this has been fixed, we have the possibilty to move content submitted by the new account to your old account.

Have a great day,


10 months ago

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Hi kissmyaxe,

You have been added back as the author on the content you have submitted, sorry about the inconvenience.

Have a great day,


1 year ago

Hi Riashe,

The images are classified by an automated bot (this bot is trained by using images submitted on AlphaCoders) but it's not perfect and sometimes it will wrongly mark some images as NSFW. During the submission you have a button named "Request Review" you can click, a moderator will then evalutate the image and change the classification if the bot made a mistake.

Have a great day.

1 year ago

Subscription are a way to get daily notification (by email) about new content being submitted in sub-categories, ...

You can see your subscriptions here:

It's safe to remove it if you don't want it, you can add it again anytime you want.

1 year ago

Pressing Ctrl key while clicking on a link also automatically opens it in a new tab 😛

1 year ago

As stated in the documentation our API is only accesible via GET requests, we have no plan to make it accessible via POST requests.

2 years ago

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Report by

Unable to buy more coord although it is a available to buy and unable to build structure on empty coord.


3 years ago