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Thanks bro

3 years ago

Posted In: June Raffle Winner

Thanks Bro.Sorry for the late reply.

3 years ago

Thanks for the reply,

I don't mean that you replace the wallpaper ID with the Category and Sub-Category name.

What I mean was that you combine them both.

For example, for this wallpaper  

It could be ( 1040089_anime_original ).

In this way you will not have dublicates ( well I guess ).


when the wallpaper is being downloaded, The Download script can fetch category and subcategory information and rename the downloaded wallpaper at that time.

Also the renaming part on Windows 10, I have hundred of Thousands of wallpapers downloaded from Alphacoders. I cannot try to rename them all Right wink

I still think it will be a great feature if it comes out ( Inshallah ).

It will change the downloading experience of many users yes.


4 years ago


I was thinking, it would be better to get the Category and Sub-Category as the downloaded wallpaper name instead of numbers or both if it is possible.

Reason =

1. The reason for Category and Sub-Category as a name would be helpfull when browsing through the downloaded wallpapers as you would know what is you are looking at and which category it belongs to. 

I think it should have been done long ago.

2. Numbers because they can be helpful when searching  a downloaded wallpaper on the Alphacoders. You can copy the name of the wallpaper and put it in some random wallpaper address, In this way you can get to the original link of the wallpaper.

So, What do you think ? blush

4 years ago

Posted In: Ranking System

I think it would be cool, to have a ranking system in Alphacoders. 

Based on number of uploaded wallpapers in a given month.


Based on the  Submission Score among trusted users.

So,what do you think ?


4 years ago


I am one of those guys That "Manufan63".Talked about

I don't Always create Kaleidoscopic versions of my wallpapers.But recently( meaning yesterday ) I created 73 Kaleidoscopic wallpapers out of 2 wallpapers after spending 4 hours. But they were converted to image abyss ( all my effort was lost ).So, if Kaleidoscopic wallpapers are causing problems, I will not create them anymore( atleast not too many ). 

On the other hand, the rules that I can come up are as follows,

1.Kaleidoscope wallpaper size must be large about 8k or more.

2,Kaleidoscopic wallpapers must be detailed, no minimalist,flat and 2D designs are allowed.

3, Kaleidoscopic wallpaper must be unique from all other kaleidoscopic wallpapers available on alphacoders. 

4, Strict consequences if anyone uploads multiple copies of Kaleidoscopes with slight changes 


4 years ago

Well if you ask me I am against this whole concept of porn based art which is sugar coated under the name of ARTISTIC EXPRESSION. This kind of so-called art is always sexually explicit  and it attracts ill-minded lusty peoples. I think Alphacoders is better without it 

Otherwise, This is my view on it. You can disagree

4 years ago

My favourite special raffel has come

4 years ago