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Becoming A Trusted User

Good categorization and organization is part of what keeps Alpha Coders a high quality community. If you submit content to Alpha Coders, it should be a goal of yours to become a trusted user.

To become a trusted user, you will need to submit content that moderators don't need to change. This means:

  • Submitting content to the correct site. Multiple things determine which site your content is appropriate for.
  • If a site mentions its for showcase quality content, the quality of the image is important. JPG artifacts, blurriness, etc makes content not showcase quality.
  • Almost all of Alpha Coders is Family Friendly
  • Image Abyss is the exception, allowing more artistic expression. More info here.
  • Using either no categorization ( Image Abyss ) or having good categorization ( All other sites )


As a community we work together. Whether you are a moderator, a content submitter, or someone that comes to Alpha Coders for the content - we all work together. If you are having trouble getting trusted, please reach out to the moderator that's changing things about your submissions, and they can clarify anything that you are unclear about.

By DavidWest 3 months ago

Hi David,


Why am I having trouble submitting wallpapers and only "image" or "videos" are my only options?

By wildflower1555 3 months ago

Hey wildflower,

We just made a big change for the untrusted user submission process. Selecting 'wallpaper' will come later.

I have posted about it at

By DavidWest 3 months ago

But do we apply to become a trusted user? or we get it by summiting more content?

By BlackLuster 2 months ago

You can get it by submitting content where we don't have to change the categorization, tags, etc. and is given out when a moderator sees you consistently getting everything perfect! 

By ajak60 2 months ago

Hi David

By wildflower1555 1 week ago

hi laugh

By DavidWest 1 week ago


Can i be a trust user?

have a good day,


By staffprod 1 week ago


Moderators trust submitters that make accurate submissions - ones that moderators don't have to change. You can see a visual % number by going to your profile and looking at the bottom of the 'Your Statistics' section. You can click on the more info button to see what chnages moderators have been making. Always feel free to ask us why we are making changes smiley

By DavidWest 1 week ago

Thank you for your reply

By staffprod 6 days ago

Yeah definitely.

It can be useful to look up the relevant rules pages here on Community Abyss. So, for example, if on a submission tags are getting changed, should help make it more clear why  - and if it doesn't, we'll be happy to explain.

By DavidWest 6 days ago

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